1. Five years of

    🚮 Gatsby, 🔜 Astro🚀

  2. Evaluating packages for accessibility

    How to find a11y issues in an npm package before you start using it

  3. 5 steps to faster web fonts

    Fine-tune your font files and optimise your loading strategy for maximum speed + minimum FOUT

  4. System fonts don’t have to be ugly

    Make your site faster and more environmentally-friendly by taking a system-fonts-first approach

  5. Simply write better

    Improve your technical writing by cutting down on adverbs

  6. An opinionated guide to accessibility testing

    Automated tools like Lighthouse are great, but if you want to really understand accessibility, you’ll need to get your hands dirty.

  7. The shady world of Google Analytics proxying

    If you’re tracking me, at least be honest about it

  8. Google Analytics: A luxury your users are paying for

    86% of the top 100,000 websites use it, but what’s the cost to users?

  9. The most accessible JavaScript framework

    According to the WebAIM million survey it’s Gatsby, but can you trust automated accessibility tests?

  10. Your blog doesn’t need a JavaScript framework

    Why I choose Eleventy over Gatsby for my new website